Specials medicines vital for vulnerable patients

During the COVID-19 outbreak, APSM members are taking all appropriate measures to ensure the continuity of supply of specials medicines to community pharmacies, dispensing doctors and hospitals.   Specials manufacturers are a vital part of the pharmaceutical supply chain, responsible for around 50,000 unlicensed medicine prescriptions for vulnerable patients in England each month.  The Association of Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturers represents around 80% of specials manufacture in England and its members are maintaining safe practices and committing to the ongoing fulfilment of all orders from their pharmacy customers throughout the pandemic.

As specials are often prescribed to patients in vulnerable groups including the elderly, paediatrics and those with chronic health conditions, it has never been more important that these patients’ essential medication needs are met in a timely way.  Where possible, our members are continuing to meet their next day delivery commitments and are maintaining a full customer service support for customers.

Pharmacists should contact APSM members if they have any concerns or queries about a specials prescription:

Eaststone Specials
Fresenius Kabi
Lexon Specials
Nova Laboratories
Quantum Pharmaceutical
Rokshaw Laboratories   
Rosemont Pharmaceuticals
Temag Pharma
Veriton Pharma
IPS Pharma


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