Friday, 28 October 2011


Initial reaction to THE SPECIALS TARIFF is that it appears to reflect the input given by Specials manufacturers to the DH and the ACSM has welcomed its introduction. 
Speaking on behalf of the ACSM (Association of Commercial Specials Manufacturers), which represents 80% of specials manufacture in the UK, Chairman, Alan Krol (pictured left) said, “Over the last two years our members have worked closely with and provided data to the DH about pricing and volumes and we hoped this would be reflected in the tariff.  Although we have only just received the Tariff, we believe that it does represent much of our input and we are all now looking forward to putting it into practice.”
However the ACSM caution, it will take time to fully understand the full impact of the Tariff.  It has been a complex process, so no one can be certain yet if there will be any impact on the quality and continuity of supply, even though in the short term it will do much to restore confidence in the supply chain.
Continued ACSM Vice Chair, Sharon Griffiths, “The Tariff recognises the vital importance of the Specials sector and we need to continue to work together as an industry, with the DH and with our customers to ensure that the Tariff is workable over the coming months.   We hope all those within the supply chain will adopt a sensible and responsible response and use the Tariff to provide stability and transparency within the sector.”
The DH has made it clear that this exercise has always been about eliminating price escalation, rather than about saving money for the NHS.     The ultimate objective is to provide a framework whereby quality and value for money can work hand in hand to the benefit of patients - and the ACSM wholeheartedly supports this.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

'Introduction of a 'Specials' Tariff from November 2011'

News article published 12 October 2011 by the NHS Business Services Authority Website.

'New arrangements for reimbursing specials - Q&A' and also for the 'Proposed Specials Tariff to be published November 2011' have been published. Please click here to view the documents.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Specials tariff will be announced 1st November 2011

It was announced on the 8th September that the PSNC have reached an agreement with the Department of Health regarding the funding settlement package for 2011/12.
From the 1st November this year, a Specials tariff will be introduced as an initial change to the reimbursement arrangements. Further changes will be made throughout the year.
Although we have yet to see the final tariff, we are hopeful that its content may largely reflect the input and existing pricing structures of ACSM members.  If the net result is an end to uncontrolled price inflation within the distribution chain, then this will be a positive thing for the industry and will ultimately have the effect of reducing the overall spend on specials.  As manufacturers, we believe the tariff acknowledges us as a high quality source of supply that is aiming to offer best value for money to the NHS.