Tuesday, 15 November 2011

ACSM becomes APSM

15th NOVEMBER 2011
The ACSM has changed its name to the Association of Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturers (APSM) to reflect the clinical nature of its members’ products and services.
As the trade association representing the interests of companies involved in the manufacture of unlicensed medicines, the role and importance of the APSM has grown in recent months as the organisation has provided a conduit for information and advice to the DH in the lead up to the Specials Tariff (published this month).  
Specials account for around 1% of the prescription budget but this can be made up of more than 75,000 different formulations – each designed to meet the specific need of a patient where a licensed medicine is not available. 
Said APSM Chairman, Alan Krol, “Specials serve a vital clinical need, it really is tailored and personalised medicine in every way – no other pharmaceutical manufacturer gets closer to the patient.”
Said APSM Vice Chair, Sharon Griffiths, “Heightened interest in the Specials Tariff has revealed a general lack of knowledge about specials, at every level – including the specialist nature of manufacture.   We are part of the pharmaceutical industry and felt we needed to incorporate this into our name, and also into our descriptor ‘bespoke medicines for special clinical need”.
The APSM represents 16 companies who account for around 80% of commercially produced specials in the UK.   Collectively, these companies have invested more than £150million in innovation and define their role as ensuring the integrity and future of specials in a sector that serves the best interests of the patient.
Members all hold MS specials licence as well as signing up to a code of conduct that mandates various aspects of best practice, such as quality systems, staff training, customer advice lines and labelling and documentation.
For more information visit www.apsm-uk.com

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