Friday, 21 June 2013

Ref. Daily Telegraph article, The NHS, the drug firms ... June 21st, 2013

In response to an article in The Daily Telegraph on Friday 21st June, The Association of Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturers, APSM, has stated that it strongly condemns any activity that would result in overcharging for supply of medicines to the NHS. The Daily Telegraph article alleges activity to overcharge on medicines, based on interviews with individuals working in the specials industry.

The allegations in the Daily Telegraph article, if proven, would not be considered acceptable practice at any level and would not be reflective of the vast majority of specials manufacturers in the UK. 

The APSM, which represents manufacturers of unlicensed medicines (specials) within the UK, has worked closely with the Department of Health in recent years to develop a more transparent system of pricing and supply that protects the interests of patients and the NHS.  The specials sector provides a vitally important service and those involved take a responsible and long term approach to promoting best practice in line within the pharmaceutical sector.   

The Association of Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturers, APSM, sets out a Code of Conduct to which all APSM Members subscribe. The APSM can consider an alleged breach of the code by a member.

One of the companies mentioned by the Daily Telegraph, Quantum Pharmaceuticals, is a member of the APSM. APSM understands that Quantum has carried out an internal investigation following the allegations and has denied the allegations made by the Daily Telegraph relating to overcharging.

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