Specials record another year of delivering increased value to the NHS

The Specials Market in primary care was just over £80.5 million for the 12 month period Oct 15 - Sep 16.  Although the market continues to decline year-on-year, it is now stabilising following a period of readjustment in the wake of the Specials Tariff in November 2011.  During this time the mean cost per item has reduced from £180 per item before the tariff in Nov 2011, to an average £116 for the same 12 month period to Sep 2016.

Whilst this represents value for money to the NHS, at the same time the high standards of quality involved in Specials manufacture have needed to be maintained.  According to the Association of Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturers, APSM, members report continued investment in infrastructure and quality processes to meet the increasing regulatory demands required by the sector.

To reflect the increased complexity of the market, last year (2016), the Association of Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturers, APSM, decided to broaden its membership criteria to the wider supply chain, including importers as well as virtual Specials manufacturing organisations who own the rights to, and act as the first supplier of, a Specials medicine in the UK.
In the last 5 years following the introduction of the Specials Tariff there has been significant developments in regulatory framework and professional guidance around Specials and the role of the APSM has changed to be one of influencing and responding to issues in this changing market – always with the aim of maintaining a robust quality framework and best practice across the entire supply chain, not just manufacture. 

Said APSM Chair, Sharon Griffiths, ‘Our ultimate goal is to maintain a sustainable Specials sector that provides high quality, safe medicines to patients – we’re looking forward to working with more organisations who share this vision.’Specials Spend 2015-16


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